9th to 11th Grade Theatre Majors
9th through 11th Grade Theatre Majors

11th Grade Summer Assignment for Fall of 2017-18 School Year!!

The 9th Grade curriculum focuses on beginning play analysis and a reintroduction to basic acting skills. Their actor training centers on developing individual self-sufficiency through the performance in their Practicum Show and Showcases which will focus on group, individual and experimental work. This freshman and sophomore acting experience is replicated again in the spring when the junior majors write and direct an original one act for the Spring Playfest which is judged by outside theatre professionals.

These collaborative learning experiences of Practicum Show, Spring Playfest and Showcase Performances for the 9th, 10th and 11th grade majors are at the core of the high school theatre major experience. They produce a method of self-evaluation with some real world perspective of one’s acting ability. In addition, they set a benchmark of performance and theory standards while providing equitable participation of performance opportunities regardless of student potential.This gives a “fair shake” to each theatre major’s development allowing each student to progress regardless of their current skill level or character type.  It also generates a community of young artists developing their own invested experiences of successes and moments of learning.

The 10th Grade curriculum builds on the 9th grade curriculum with repeat participation in Showcases, Practicum performance and Spring Playfest. 10th grade students also observe and evaluate junior playwrighting projects and serve as participants in junior directed group workshop directing projects.

11th Grade curriculum demands a high level of educational responsibilities, leadership and management. These opportunities help the theatre student in preparation for the Senior Thesis Projects. Juniors participate in class directing projects as well as directing performance pieces for public evaluation which includes Spring Playfest. They also work at a higher level playwrighting (than their two previous underclassmen years) through the creation of their original one act for Spring Playfest. Continuation of their acting skills is found in the Practicum Show Performance and Showcases.

Storymaking/Script Writing, Acting, Designing, Directing, Research,
Connecting,Valuing & Responding,  History & Culture

HS CCSOA Theatre Core Curriculum Goals
Student actors who have:

  • Self-sufficiency in dramaturgy.
  • Ongoing development of their acting apparatus: voice, body, technique,imagination & confidence.
  • Good work ethic.
  • Ability to create original works through playwrighting
  • Ability to integrate images of theatrical design.
  • Good command of theatre history, styles & theories.
  • High level of collaboration skills.
  • Ability to take on the role of a director for self and group work.
  • Intellectual skills to explore, examine, interpret and integrate from a wide variety of ideas and concepts for the purpose of creating performances for theatre.
10th Grade Majors: 2017-2018 First Nine Weeks - Younts
The 10th Grade Theatre Majors for the First Nine Weeks will be working together as class for the majority of the whole nine weeks.  They will be brought together to work with the 11th Grade Theatre Majors on their pantomimes about five to seven times for the First Nine Weeks Showcase.  Their curriculum will be focused on reviewing basic theatre knowledge, acting skills through the creation student written and directed 5 minute scene and psychological theories applicable to playwrighting and acting.

10th Grade Grades for the First Nine Weeks 2017-2018
1.      Work Ethic
2.      Average of Three Quizzes (Basic Theatre Knowledge, Freud, Erikson/Maslow)
3.      Final based off the Three Quizzes
4.      Scene Performance
5.      PlAywrighting Grade for the Scene
One grade is worth 100 points for a total possibility of 1000 points over one nine weeks.  The list of above grades is subject to change over one nine weeks as per the instructor’s discretion.  This means a grade maybe added or taken away as per the instructor's discretion.

10th Grade Theatre Majors Handout

10g how the year works

How Work Ethic Is Scored
work ethic - how is it scored.pdf

Grip Top Sock
Grip Top Sock


    Erik Erikson.pdf


    Lecture on Freud

    Freud Lecture.pdf

    WSJ Article on Dreams

    WSJ Article on Dreams.pdf

    Ideas a Theatre Major Should be Familiar With?
    IDEAS HS Theatre Majors Should Be Familiar With for the Final.pdf  

    Theatre History-  You have got to Love IT!!!
    Quick Overview of Western Theatre History (1).pdf

    Ten Most Common Dreams and What they Mean
    10 Most Common Dreams and Their Meanings.pdf

    Seven Deadly Sins Handout
    7 Deadly Sins

    2017-18 Second Nine Weeks

    Grades for 10th & 11th Grade Theatre Majors on 4A Days with Younts
    ----Each Grade is Worth 100 Points
    --RMMT Terms Unit
    --Ropes Unit
    --Lighting Unit
    --Building a Prop Unit
    --Other Possible Simple Tech Units? TBD
    --Attendance at an 8th Grade Play Evening Performance & write a 250 word review on it
    --Acting Terms Test

    Acting Terms

    RMMT Basic Terms
    RMMT Basic Terms

    Knots Page
    Knots Page

    Grades for 9th Grade Theatre Majors on 3B Day with Younts
    --Quality of Improv Work (100 points)
    --Pop Quizzes & Worksheets (ongoing point total)
    --Credit Grade for doing the unit (25 Points)
    --Acting Terms Test (100 points)
    --Attendance at an 8th Grade Play Evening Performance & write a 250 word review on it. (25 Points)
    (Grades subject to change as per teacher discretion)

    To Sell Is Human Article

    To Sell Is Human.pdf

    Glossary of Improv History Items
    Glossary of Improv History Items

    Acting Terms

    Improv Rubrics

    3rd Nine Weeks 2017-18
    10th & 11th Grade Theatre Majors
    Practicum Show

    Possible Grades for this 3rd Nine Weeks

    1.  Line Tests
    2 to a possible 3 line tests will be given which will be of the script in sections.  DLP Rubric will be used.

    2.  Memorandum Study Guide Observation Essay

    3.  Average Grade of Three Quizzes on Documents found on this Website aboutTypes of Actors in Rehearsal, Top Ten Ways to be a Good Actor in a Rehearsal and Memorization Advice.

    4.  Credit Grade for Show which is about doing worksheets and attendance at some of the Three Work Sessions for the Show for at least 2 hours 

    5.  Work Ethic
    For daily classroom activities, all rehearsals (during class & after school) and attendance at any work sessions for the show.

    6.  Performance Grade for Memorandum
    (Pre Grading will be done!)

    All grades are subject to change as per the teacher's discretion.

    Study Guide for Memorandum
    Memorandum Study Guide

    ----Three Documents for the Three Quizzes

    Types of Actors in Rehearsals
    Types of Actors in Rehearsal.pdf

    Top Ten Ways to Be a Good Actor in Rehearsal
    Top Ten Ways.pdf

    Memorization Advice Two
    Memorization Advice Two .pdf

    ----LINE TEST GRADING- Dead Letter Perfect Scoring- DLP

    DLP Memo scoring with explanations.pdf

    ----How Work Ethic Is Scored

    work ethic - how is it scored.pdf

    ----Intro Songs into Memorandum Scenes
    Intro Songs into Memorandum Scenes

    By Vaclav Havel
    A quirky, bizarre Orwellian World results in this fun and entertaining piece of theater performed by the 10th and 11th Grade Theater majors.  The main character, a harassed manager, unwittingly authorizes an experiment that will introduce a new bureaucratic jargon to supplant the popular language and expedite regimentation.  The results of the new language are ludicrous in that nobody is able to translate the new directives as the tale spins out of control into a still newer gibberish designed to supplant the last one.

    Memorandum Schedule
    ---Saturday.  March 3rd.   Move into the RMMT. Set-up Set. 10am to 5pm.
                                              Will need some help.

    ---Sunday. March 4th. Sunday Morning set stuff.  10am to 12noonish.
        Afternoon 2pm to 8pm into evening tech. Dinner and food provided and this is
        mandatory for the whole class/cast.  This is when we put it together on the stage.
       As is all of the rest that follows here.

    ---Monday. March 5th. Stay after school into evening performance.
        Dinner provided. 6:30pm

    ---Tuesday. March 6th. School Show (10am or maybe 4P) and evening show 6:30pm.

    Options of when to get in your 2 hours of Work for Memorandum will be forthcoming!!

    Everything from here on was last year!

    Grades for 10th Grade Theatre Majors

    on 4- A Days in 4th Nine Weeks Focus on A days will be Physical Theatre, Theatre History & some directing techniques explored.

    1. Combat/Directing/Pantomime Work
    3. Average of Theatre History Quizzes
    4. Work Ethic
    5. Theater History Final

    Theatre History Handout
    Quick Overview of Western Theatre History (1).pdf