8th Grade Theatre Majors

2017 - 2018
8th Grade Theatre Majors

The 8thGrade curriculum brings together the first two years of actor training through the performance of selected play, mounting its production and with the inclusion of supplementary activities in other Theatre Arts disciplines, such as costume, props, scenic elements and lighting.  

The performance of this production as a fully designed and realized production happens in the early November and is known as 8th Grade Theatre Majors Play.  This year it will be a Grimm's Fairy Tale Spectaculthon!

MS Theatre Adjudications are prepared for once again plus, for the monologue component a Shakespeare monologue is given.  This prepares the student for the HS Shakespeare studies and builds on the experience of Shakespearean Scenes in 6th grade, Shakespeare language structure study in 7th grade.

Students also continue on to a higher level of story making and collaboration skills through the study for the Short Form Improv Show happening in the Spring along with competing in the SC Junior Thespian competition too!

In addition, students will be work in other subject areas as: Pantomimes, Acting Technique, Technical theatre, Stage Combat & Cold Readings.

SC State Theatre Standards
Storymaking/Script, Acting, Directing, Designing, Research,
Valuing & Responding, Connecting, History & Culture

CCSOA MS Theatre Core Curriculum Goals 
Student actors who have:

  • Self-sufficiency in play & script analysis.

  • On-going development of their acting apparatus:voice, body,

    technique, imagination & confidence.

  • Facility to create theatrical stories.

  • Good work ethic.

  • High level of collaboration skills.

  • Good command of general theatre knowledge.


2017 to 2018 1st Nine Weeks 8th Grade Grades
1. Work Ethic
2. Grimms Line Test
3&4. Grimms- Current Performance Level
5. Average of Pop Quizzes

One grade is worth 100 points for a total possibility of 1000 points over one nine weeks.  The list of above grades is subject to change over one nine weeks as per the instructor’s discretion.  This means a grade maybe added or taken away as per the instructor's discretion.

Work Ethic Scoring
work ethic - how is it scored.pdf

DLP Scoring
DLP Memo scoring with explanations.pdf

8th Grade Theatre how it works for the year Handout
8th Grade Theatre

Class Schedule for the Grimm Brothers Play
Brothers Grimm Note

2017 to 2018 2nd Nine Weeks 8th Grade Grades

Work Ethic

BGS Performance Grade
Credit for BGS Experience

Level of Improv Technique
Credit for Improv Work Experience

Level of Stage Combat Work
Credit for Stage Combat Work Experience

Pre Shakespeare Work- Memorization

Grading Improv Theatre Performers
Improv Rubrics

3rd Nine Weeks 2017-18

Grades for 8th Grade Theatre Majors on A/B Day with Younts
Monologue Grades
Shakespeare Plot Test Grade
Work Ethic
Stage Combat Grades
Cold Reading Grades
Scene Work Grades
Adj Preparation Grades
- These grades are subject to change as per discretion of the instructor.-

8th Grade Shakespeare Monologue Cuttings
8G Monologues for 17.pdf

8th Grade Shakespeare Monologue Worksheet
Shakespeare Monolgue Worksheet- 8G.pdf

Seven Steps to Good Shakespeare
7 Steps to Shakespeare.pdf

Cold Reading Handout
Cold Reading Advice- shorten version.pdf

MS ADJ TERMS for 2018  (The list that is used every year.)
First 25 MS adj terms to be used ever year.pdf

Second Set of MS Adj Terms(This is the list only being used for this year.)
Second 25 MS Adj Terms only being used for 2018

Everything from here on is Last Year!!!

8th Grade Fourth Nine Weeks Grades

This quarter will focus on scene acting, more Shakespeare & some other areas.
Possible grades to be earned for the nine weeks to change as per the instructor's discretion. 

Adjudication Grade - 200
Work Ethic - 100
Quiz on Performance Materials - 100
Jr. Thespian Performance Work - Quality grade - 100
Line Test for scenes/monos - 100
Our favorite Movie Project- 50

Shakespeare Handout & Study Questions for 4th Nine Weeks
8th Grade Shakespeare History Handout.pdf

These grades are subject to change as per the instructor's discretion.