Fighting Gnomes.


Gnome Mascot

The Fighting Gnomes are a high school improv theatre troupe sponsored by the Charleston County School of the Arts Theatre Department.
  Since beginning in 2000, they have maintain a yearly ensemble of around 10 to 15 players and have graduated over 70 improvisers along with a lineage of more than 250 performances and as well as facilitating workshops of different lengths from short 30 minute ones to improv clinic weekends.

They have performed for all ages and are highly adaptable to any type of event or performance venue.
  Their style resembles the television show Whose Line is it Anyway? along with an extra focus on the well-developed story through work in both short form and long form improv. With the inspiration of their identity being revealed in a ceramic garden gnome rescued from a dumpster when CCSOA began on its original campus, their mission is two-fold:
  First, as arts outreach ambassadors for CCSOA and secondly, as messengers for the energy and enthusiasm of human imagination at play in improv comedy theatre. 

The Gnomes annually conduct improv workshops for schools and conferences around the state and southeastern region and sponsor (along with Theatre 99 and the South Carolina Theatre Association) the South Carolina High School Improv Tournament.
  Plus, as the oldest and most active high school improv troupe in South Carolina; they have been a frequent media feature.

Gnomes PR
Gnomes PR.pdf

Gnomes Encyclopedia-  a wealth of information for all on studying improv

Gnomes Encyclopedia.pdf

Gnomes Scrapbook 2000 to 2012  (Will take a bit to download)
Fighting Gnome Scrapbook 2000 to 2012.pdf

Good Website to Begin Improv Research
Improv Encyclopedia

Theatre 99-  Always been a great supporter of us.
Theatre 99

8 Hacks to be a Better Improvisor
8 Hacks to be a Better Improvisor.pdf

2018-2019 Gig, Rehearsal Schedule Overview


ongoing, check back for additions!!

August 6th & 7th
Gnome Camp

September 10th

4 to 5:30pm
Parents Meeting

September 17th
4 to 5:30pm
Andy Livengood

September 21st & 22nd

Christ Church Episcopal HS
Greenville, SC

October 4th
4 to 5:30pm
Brandy Sullivan

October 6th
White Knoll HS
Lexington, SC

October 29th
4 to 5:30pm

October 30th
EC Montessori
Mt. Pleasant. SC

November 5th
North Charleston Creative Arts ES
N. Charleston

November 8th to 11th
SC Theatre Association
Anderson, SC.

February 27th to March 3rd
Southeastern Theatre Conference
Knoxville, TN.

TBA:  SC High School Improv Tournament

May 6th

September/October More Detailed Schedule