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-A place for stuff pertaining to SOA's Theatre Program and beyond...
5 Ways to Be a Better Actor- this is good!
Five Ways to be a better Actor

Good Exercises here to keep one's skills from DRYING UP!

Summer Acting Work Outs.pdf

Wheel of Emotions-
Good little tool to figure out what the actual acting moment is about-
emotions wheel.pdf

Stella Adler
‘Stella Adler on America’s Master Playwrights,’ Lectures - NYTimes.com.pdf

Designing Theatre Spaces
(Saw Richard Pilbrow when he was a guest speaker for SETC a couple of years ago.  One of the big time modern forefathers for how to create good theatre spaces and a famous lighting designer too)  Here is an article he wrote in 2000 for American Theatre Magazine about its history and future.

Here is an article Rehearsal Guidelines to Follow as An Actor
Rehearsal Guidelines.pdf

NYT Article on Audition Culture for "Division One" Theatre Training Programs!
Tryouts for the Rest of Your Life - NYTimes.com.pdf

Good Advice from Stage Actors
Good Advice from Stage Actors

Information on Memorizing Lines
Memorization Advice Two .pdf

Actors Adjust!
ONE OF THE MAIN JOBS of an actor is to adjust.pdf

Acting Terms that you need to know in gospel according to Younts

What Genre is this play or script?
Genres chart.pdf

Monologues for MSers to Do!

Reasons You Did not get the part?
Reasons you did not get the part

Top Ten Things to Do When Rehearsing!
Top Ten Ways.pdf

Body Miking in the Theatre World & Sound Design
Sound Design from WSJ

Theatre Humor
Theater Humor.pdf

What is Good and Bad Acting
What is Good and Bad Acting

Cold Reading Advice
Cold Reading Advice- shorten version.pdf

Types of Actors in Rehearsal
Types of Actors in Rehearsal.pdf

Band of Brothers (The of best all WWII Miniseries) starred this Actor who is now in the Showtime series Homeland doing more good work.  Article about his younger career days in playing in Hamlet on NYC's Great White Way.
Damian Lewis.pdf

What Colleges/Universities Expect of Freshmen Theatre Majors?
What Colleges Expect of Freshmen Theatre Students.pdf

Famous Theatre Tongue Twister
grip top sock.pdf

More Tongue Twisters using the: Statement, Did, If, Then Where Drill
Statement, Did, If, Then Where Drill

Student Directors
(and a little bit for actors)
How to give and receive good notes.pdf

More Acting advice
Acting Advice

Well Known Shakespeare Insult Kit!
insult kit.pdf

Be the Actor Everyone wants to Work With!
Type of Actor Folks want to work with .pdf

Shakespeare Monologue Ideas
Bard Mono Selctions for HS.pdf

Five Rules Backstage for Actors
5 Rules For the Theater Actor.pdf

More Shakespeare Monologue Ideas
shakespeare monolgue ideas.pdf

Great Article on Perceptions in the Arts
Pearls Before Breakfast.pdf

General Notes on Actors
ACTING general handout.pdf

Why do we say "Break a Leg?"
Break a Leg for Good Luck.pdf

What one learns performing for younger audiences.
John Lithgow - of Mice & Men.pdf

Fun Holiday Script
Santa Must Be Saved.pdf

Busy Department?  Here is a data sheet from Years Back.
2010-2011 Theatre Department Data.pdf

Theatre History!!! You have Got to Love IT!!!
Quick Overview of Western Theatre History (1).pdf

More Theatre History-  Timeline!
Theatre History Timeline

Adaptation of CofE (75min, 25percent Bard, Produced at CCSOA in 2000 and then re-edited for a 2016 performance, though this is not that version!)
Comedy of Errors Adaptation.pdf

How to read a Play?
How to Read a Play.pdf

It's All about the Panto!
NYT Article about British Panto Tradition

MS Acting Handbook
MS Theatre Major Acting Handbook.pdf

Good Commencement Speech of the Arts
Speech of Life in Arts

15 Things Actors Can Do!
15 Things Actors Can Do

CCSOA Black Box Boosters Website
Black Box Boosters Website

More Articulation Exercises
articulation exercises.pdf

Stan's Ten Step System (The Old School Approach)
Stan's ten step system (Old School Way).pdf

Archetype of Characters...Pretty Useful
Copy of The 12 Common Character Archetypes.pdf

Directing Tools to be Used for Creating Scenes (Playwrighting Ideas here too)
Directing.Playwrighting Tools.pdf

Article on One of Mr. Younts' Favorite Theatre Company
which he has never seen a performance from!
10,000 Things Article.pdf

List of Christmas Carol Movies due to Mr. Younts Preoccupation with this Story
that he does yearly in a One Man Show Touring Show
The List of CC movies.pdf

Mr. Younts' Christmas Carol Tour Website

Touring Christmas Carol

Vocal Health Stuff Here-  Good things to Know
The Secrets to How Broadway Stars Power Through Colds.pdf

Lots of Edited Shakespeare Monologues
Lots of Edited Shakespeare Monologues