11th: 1st Semester.

SOA 11th Grade Theatre Majors.
1st Semester 2018-19'.
Younts. Overview.

The first semester will be focused on two major productions.  A Midsummer Night's Dream by good old Willy Shakespeare and The Holiday Table, an inter lapping scenic performance piece around Holiday themes.  Other “off major projects” time will be of reviewing improv, basic acting and a little intro to directing. In addition, students must attend and write reviews of two other public performances of MS Theatre Major Students.

Junior Theatre Majors First Semester 18-19

Dates to Remember!!

Tuesday               8.30                      6 to 7pm              HS Family Theatre Open House

Thursday              9.27                      4pm/6:30pm       7th Grade Play: Backpack (You must attend one public performance of this show to write a review of it for a grade.)

Monday               10.1                      4 to 6:30pm        MSND Costume Parade and/or Run the Show

Sunday                 10.14                    2 to 8pm              Running MSND in MS Gym or BBT. (Bring a bag lunch for dinner.)

Monday               10.15                    4 to 8pm              Rehearsal in the RMMT. (5pm dinner supplied by BBB.)

Tues/Wed           10.16 & 17          6:30pm                A Midsummer Night’s Dream (School shows will be happening during the day.) (Cast will stay afterschool on the 16th w/ 5pm dinner supplied by the BBB.) (We strike right after the show the night of the 17th.)

***There will also be tech required hours for MSND on the build up to the show.  These will be announced as they become available.

Tues/Wed                10.23 & 24          6:30pm                8th Grade Play: SeussOdyssey: (You must attend one public performance of this show to write a review of it for a grade.)



Monday               12.17                    4 to 8pm              Rehearsal (5pm Dinner supplied by BBB.)

Tuesday               12.18                    4 & 6:30pm         Holiday Table (5pmish Dinner supplied by BBB.)


Wed/Thurs          12.9 & 10             4 to 6pm              HS Juries: Information Forthcoming



  1. There will be a weekly 10 point work ethic grade
  2. 10 point Quizzes & 10 point Worksheets will be an ongoing accumulative point total grade
  3. 50 point line test grade.
  4. Two 100 point final grade for work quality in each major performances. Pre grading is done in the process.
  5. SOA Play Reviews- 25 points each
  6. 50 points for afterschool Tech Time Credit
  7. 50 points for HS Jury


IDEAS HS Theatre Majors Should Be Familiar With for the Final.pdf  

Types of Actors in Rehearsal.pdf

Top Ten Ways.pdf

Memorization Advice Two .pdf

DLP Memo scoring with explanations.pdf

Work Ethic

Storymaking/Script Writing, Acting, Designing, Directing, Research, Connecting, Valuing & Responding,  History & Culture 

HS CCSOA Theatre Major Students Core Curriculum Goals
Student actors who have:

  • Self-sufficiency in dramaturgy.
  • Ongoing development of their acting apparatus: voice, body, technique, imagination & confidence.
  • Good work ethic.
  • Ability to create original works through playwrighting
  • Ability to integrate images of theatrical design.
  • Good command of theatre history, styles & theories.
  • High level of collaboration skills.
  • Ability to take on the role of a director for self and group work.
  • Intellectual skills to explore, examine, interpret and integrate from a wide variety of ideas and concepts for the purpose of creating performances for theatre.

I am looking forward to you having a fun, efficient, healthy experience

 in your theatre majors studies for this semester! 

As always let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Mr. Younts



Everything from here on was last year or is yet to be used somewhere for this year!

Grip Top Sock
Grip Top Sock


Erik Erikson.pdf


Lecture on Freud
Freud Lecture.pdf

WSJ Article on Dreams
WSJ Article on Dreams.pdf

Theatre History-  You have got to Love IT!!!
Quick Overview of Western Theatre History (1).pdf

Ten Most Common Dreams and What they Mean
10 Most Common Dreams and Their Meanings.pdf

RMMT Basic Terms
RMMT Basic Terms

Knots Page
Knots Page

To Sell Is Human Article
To Sell Is Human.pdf

Glossary of Improv History Items
Glossary of Improv History Items

Acting Terms

Improv Rubrics

----How Work Ethic Is Scored
work ethic - how is it scored.pdf