planet high school instructions
How do students & parents sign up?

[1] Go to Select “Sign up” if starting a new

account. If you already have an account there, select “Log in” and skip

to #5.

[2] Fill in the user & account information. Select “student” or “parent”

for account type. Provide your real name for your account (no

nicknames or silly monikers). Students & their parents can share a

single account together if preferred.

[3] PlanetHS requests you share an email address and cell phone # in

order to receive messages by those media. Students should talk with

parents about which cell numbers and email addresses to use. Gmail

email addresses sync better with the website, so providing a Gmail

address is encouraged. Select whether you want to receive email and

text reminders. You can change your mind later and change those

settings in your account. Not all teachers send out automated emails and

texts via Planet High School.

[4] Select our school, and sign up. Once you have joined SOA, it will

become your site homepage when you log in.

[5] Once you log in, you may select which teachers/classes you wish to

have added to your calendar. Move the cursor over “Home” and select

“Staff & Faculty” to locate by teacher name, or select “Class” to locate

by course name. Click on courses the student is enrolled in, then select

“FOLLOW.” Your account calendar will show posts from those courses,

and so will your newsfeed.

[6] Students & parents can unfollow classes later, and teachers can

remove people from their follow list. Feel free to send messages to

teachers via email.

[7] Planet High School, like any other online service or technology,

sometimes has glitches. Ask your teachers for help if you have problems

using the service. PlanetHS also has tutoring video clips and Help/FAQ

link at the bottom of the webpage if you need it. The best way to become

accustomed to a new online service is spend a little on the site.