Disney's HS Musical

SOA 17-18
HS Musical


Audition Information

Thursday            September 14th 3:50pm to 4:30pm
   Informational Meeting Tiltson's Dance Studio

Monday.              September 18th 3:50 to 6pm
                                        Registration in the Instructional Studio                                  
                                        Then alternating in groups dancing or acting/singing.
                                        (Students should wear clothes to move in and will                                            have to prepared a song/monologue from the selections                                          found on this website)                                         Dance in Tiltson’s dance studio and acting/singing in BBT

Wednesday          September 19th 3:50 to 6pm
Callbacks and make-ups in the Black Box

Thursday             September 20th 3:50 to 6pm
If needed.

Auditions and Casting-  September 2017.
Rehearsals and Performances-  January & February 2018.


Audition Forms

Audition Form- Needs to be brought filled out along with the 100 word performer bio the first day of the Auditions.
SOA DHSM Audition Form

Contract-  This form needs to be filled out and returned to be considered for a role in the production.
SOA DHSM Contract

DHSM Characters, Plot & Song Running Order-  This is a simple FYI to help you become acquainted (if you are not all ready) with the show.
DHSM Characters, Plot, Song Running Order

What to Prepare for the Audition?

You will be doing a dance audition which will require you to learn a combination of movement and dance steps to music. Dress to move.

You will need to learn and perform a short audition song from the link on this page.  And, you will need to learn and perform a short monologue from the link on this page.

DHSM Audition Monologue Selections

DHSM Audition Monologues

All of these monologues in the link above are hybrids from the DHSM Script.  This means that they have been changed and expanded in the theatrical story that they are being delivered in to give more acting range opportunities for an auditioning student. An auditioning student should pick and prepare one to do at the audition.

Gabriella Montez
Sharpay Evans

Taylor Mckessie
Kelsi Nielsen

Ms. Darbus


Troy Bolton

Zeke Baylor
Ryan Evans
Coach Bolton
Jack Scott

DHSM Audition Singing Selections

Four Options

One:  Bring your own selection to sing.  Please open the link below to receive guidelines about it and if you have questions please ask Mr. Younts.

Two:  "Start of Something New".  Please see the link below for the cutting you would be singing

Three:  "When There was Me and You":   Please see the link below for the cutting you would be singing.

Four: "We're All in This Together": Please see the link below for the cutting you would be singing.

DSHM Singing Audition Selections

Call Back Scene


The Auditions were Great!  Looking forward to having a Good Show!  See you soon. Here is the.........

Cast List

Thank You!

Rehearsal Schedules & Scripts are available in December right before the Winter Break. The first rehearsals will begin around January 17, 2018.


SOA DHSM Performance Schedule!

  1. Wednesday. February 21st Preview Night. $4 Tickets
  2. Thursday. February 22nd Opening Night. $8 Student Tickets / $12 Adult Tickets
  3. Friday. February 23rd  Evening. $8 Student Tickets / $12 Adult Tickets
  4. Saturday. February 24th Matinee.$8 Student Tickets / $12 Adult Tickets
  5. Saturday. February 24th Evening. $8 Student Tickets / $12 Adult Tickets
  6. Sunday. February 25th Matinee. $8 Student Tickets / $12 Adult Tickets
  7. Monday. February 26th School Day. Show. $4 Tickets
  8. Monday. February 26th Evening. $8 Student Tickets / $12 Adult Tickets
  9. Tuesday. February 27th School Day. Show. $4 Tickets
  10. Tuesday. February 27th  Evening Closing Show. $8 Student Tickets / $12 Adult Tickets

590 Seating in the Rose Maree Myers Performing Arts Theater


Attention: December 21, 2017

The Decision has been made to cancel the production of DHSM for the 2017-18 School Year.

Please click on this link for further information.