7th: 1st Semester.

SOA 7th Grade Theatre Majors
1st Semester.
Younts. Overview.

SC State Theatre Standards
Storymaking/Script, Acting, Directing, Designing, Research, Valuing &
Responding, Connecting, History & Culture

CCSOA MS Theatre Core Curriculum Goals 
Student actors who have:

  • Self-sufficiency in play & script analysis.

  • On-going development of their acting apparatus:voice, body,

    technique, imagination & confidence.

  • Facility to create theatrical stories.

  • Good work ethic.

  • High level of collaboration skills.

  • Good command of general theatre knowledge.

The 7th Grade Theatre Majors for the First Semester will be focused on two major productions Backpack and Main Event Improv including all the skill challenges that will come with doing these activities.  They will also be doing a section working on cold readings and other physical/vocal skills as time permits. In addition, they will have to attend three performances of other SOA Theatre Majors.  It’s going to be a busy and Fun First Semester!
7th Grade Theatre Majorss: First Semester Information


  1. There will be a weekly 10 point work ethic grade
  2. 10 point Quizzes & 10 point Worksheets will be an ongoing accumulative point total grade
  3. 50 point line test grade.
  4. 100 point final grade for work quality in performances. Pre grading is done in the process.
  5. SOA Play Reviews- 25 points each

Bad Improvisor

DLP Scoring

Work Ethic Scoring

Dates to Remember!!

Tuesday          8.28                 6 to 7pm         MS Family Theatre Open House

Thursday         9.13                 4 to 6pm         MS Olympics

Wednesday    9.26                 4 to 7pm         Rehearsal (5pm dinner supplied by

Thursday         9.27                 4pm/6:30pm   Public Performances of Backpack
(There will also be school day shows during this period too. Class will stay
afterschool on the 27th and have a 5pm dinner supplied by the BBB.)

Tues/Wed       10.16 & 17      6:30pm            11th Grade Show: A Midsummer Night’s Dream (You must attend one public performance of this show to write a review of it for a grade.)

Tues/Wed          10.23 & 24      6:30pm            8th Grade Show: SeussOdyssey (You must attend one public performance of this show to write a review of it for a grade.)

Tues/Wed       11.27 & 28         4pm                     Main Event Improv Show (You will have to attend both afternoons even if you are not performing on that one night.)

Tuesday          1.8                   4 & 6:30pm     8th Grade Show: Bard in a Box (You must attend one public performance of this show to write a review of it for a grade.)

I am looking forward to you having a fun, efficient, healthy experience in your theatre majors studies for this semester!
As always let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Mr. Younts