Technical Theatre

Tech Theatre 2017-2018

Semester long class that will seek to cover elements in the Technical Theatre World.  HS Elective Open to All Majors.  Grading will based off of Quizzes and mastering certain skill sets in the tech theatre world along with good work ethic.

Projects and subjects to be covered are:
  • Theatre Spaces History
  • Basic Tech Terms
  • Understanding of types of theatres
  • Understanding theatre terms
  • Beginning shop skills of working with both hand and power tools
  • Learning knots
  • Lighting Instruments & Board Operations
  • Prop building with different materials
  • Simple design concepts

---Possible Grades which are just base off each unit- Worth 100 Points.  Please see the Simple Book for time lines and units-

Simple Book of Stage Tech Units
The Simple Book of CCSOA Stage Tech Unit Goals.pdf

From Practical Guide to Stage Lighting.
Good Primer and Overview of Theater Space Jargon
Stage Lighting.pdf