Karl Clark

Hello SOA parents & students, 2016-2017 school year!

My name is Karl Clark, and I teach World Geography and AP Human Geography courses at SOA.  I am pleased to have the chance to teach & get to know your students.

To get in touch with me you can email me (best choice), join my course website (schoology.com), or call me by phone.

email:  karl_clark@charleston.k12.sc.us  (all year long)
phone:  843-529-4990, ext 26109  (during school year only)
website:  www.schoology.com  (discussed below)
class calendar:  www.planeths.com  (discussed below, during school year only)

I use www.schoology.com as my primary course website.  Parents and students can make a simple account and join my course using the codes below.  I will post assignments, homework, deadlines, and tests there daily.  Although email is preferred, students can also message me on schoology as well..

To gain access to my Schoology.com courses, use the following access codes:

World Geography:  6GK4Q-M25T8  (all CAPS, include dash)
AP Human Geography:  TFFFJ-6CZS3  (all CAPS, include dash)

All SOA teachers use www.planeths.com as our academic calendar.  Parents and students can make a simple account and join each of their classes by selecting "follow" for that class.  No access codes are needed for planeths.  I do not post assignments here on Sharpschool.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email me and I will get back to you asap.


Karl Clark