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Grease Tickets On Sale Now!
Posted on 02/01/2017
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Grease Tickets can be purchased here.

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Show Times are: 
Wednesday, February 22 6:30pm
Thursday, February 23 6:30pm
Friday, February 24 6:30pm
Saturday, February 25 3pm
Saturday, February 25 6:30pm
Sunday, February 26 3pm
Monday, February 27 6:30pm
Tuesday, February 28 6:30pm

Grease - School Version
Shorter and more suitable in content for teens and subteens, this abridged version retains the fun-loving spirit and immortal songs that make Grease
 a favorite among rock and roll fans of all ages.  The school version has removed all profanity, lewd behavior, and Rizzo's Pregnancy scare and is approximately 15 minutes shorter than the standard version.  

Grease ticketing has a "no babe in arms" policy. Meaning if a body enters to watch the show then it needs a ticket.  One can hold the child but it still must have a ticket.

For Cast:
Comp Tickets are limited.  Please complete the form for complementary cast tickets.

Cast Schedule is below. 
Grease Comp Tickets and Cast Schedule